Contents 目录
Part One Individual decision-making 个人决策
1. Preference and choice 偏好和选择
2. Consumer choice 消费者选择
3. Classical demand theory 经典需求理论
4. Aggregate demand 总需求
5. Production 生产
6. Choice under uncertainty 不确定下的选择
Part Two Game theory 博弈论
7. Basic elements of non-cooperative games 非合作博弈的基本要素
8. Simultaneous-move games 同时行动博弈
9. Dynamic games 动态博弈
Part Three Market equilibrium and market failure 市场均衡和市场失灵
10. Competitive markets 竞争市场
11. Externalities and public goods 外部性和公共物品
12. Market power 市场力量
13. Adverse selection, signalling, and screening 逆向选择、信号传递和信息甄别
14. The principal-agent problem 委托—代理问题
Part Four General equilibrium 一般均衡
15. General equilibrium theory: Some examples 一般均衡理论:一些例子
16. Equilibrium and its basic welfare properties 均衡及其基本的福利性质
17. The positive theory of equilibrium 均衡的实证理论
18. Some foundations for competitive equilibria 竞争均衡的基础
19. General equilibrium under uncertainty 不确定性下的一般均衡
20. Equilibrium and time 均衡与时间
Part Five Welfare economics and incentives 福利经济学与激励
21. Social choice theory 社会选择理论
22. Elements of welfare economics and axiomatic bargaining 福利经济学要素与公理化讨价还价
23. Incentives and mechanism design 激励与机制设计