Labor and monopoly capital(劳动与垄断资本)

Labor and Management(劳动和管理)
1. Labor and Labor Power(劳动和劳动力)
2. The Origins of Management(管理的起源)
3. The Division of Labor(分工)
4. Scientific Management(科学管理)
5. The Primary Effects of Scientific Management(科学管理的最初影响)
6. The Habituation of the Worker to the Capitalist Mode of Production(使工人适应资本主义生产方式)
Science and Mechanization(科学和机械化)
7. The Scientific-Technical Revolution(科技革命)
8. The Scientific-Technical Revolution and the Worker(科技革命与工人)
9. Machinery(机器)
10. Further Effects of Management and Technology on the Distribution of Labor(管理和工业技术对分工的进一步影响)
Monopoly Capital(垄断资本)
11. Surplus Value and Surplus Labor(剩余价值与剩余劳动)
12. The Modern Corporation(现代公司)
13. The Universal Market(无所不在的市场)
14. The Role of the State(国家的作用)
The Growing Working-Class Occupations(工人阶级职位的不断增长)
15. Clerical Workers(办公室服务人员)
16. Service Occupations and Retail Trade(服务性职业和零售业)
The Working Class(工人阶级)
17. The Structure of the Working Class and Its Reserve Armies(工人阶级的结构及其后备军)
18. The “Middle Layers” of Employment(职业的“中间阶层”)
19. Productive and Unproductive Labor(生产劳动与非生产劳动)
20. A Final Note on Skill(关于技能问题的总论)

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