A history of Marxian economics(马克思主义经济学史第1卷)

Part I The German contribution, 1883-1914(德国的贡献:1883-1914)
1. Friedrich Engels and the Marxian Legacy, 1883-95(恩格斯和马克思的遗产:1883-1895)
2. Engels and the ‘Prize Essay Competition’ in the Theory of Value(恩格斯和价值理论“有奖征文竞赛”)
3. First Debates in Value Theory, 1895-1914(价值理论的第一次争论:1895-1914年)
4. Bernstein, Kautsky and the Revisionist Controversy(伯恩斯坦、考茨基和修正主义论战)
5. Finance Capitalism and Imperialism: Karl Kautsky and Rudolf Hilferding(金融资本与帝国主义:考茨基和希法亭)
6. Capital Accumulation, Imperialism and War: Rosa Luxemburg and Otto Bauer(资本积累、帝国主义与战争:卢森堡和鲍威尔)
Part II The Russian Contribution to 1917(俄国到1917年的贡献)
7. The Inheritance of Russian Marxism(俄国马克思主义的遗产)
8. The Political Economy of Plekhanov(普列汉诺夫的政治经济学)
9. Populism and Orthodox Marxism in the 1890s(19世纪90年代民粹主义和正统马克思主义)
10. Russian Revisionism(俄国的修正主义)
11. Lenin’s Political Economy, 1905-14(列宁的政治经济学:1905-1914)
12. Trotsky on Uneven and Combined Development(托洛茨基论不平衡和综合发展)
13. Imperialism and War: Bukharin and Lenin on Monopoly Capitalism, 1914-17(帝国主义和战争:布哈林和列宁论垄断资本主义,1914-1917)
Part III Social Democracy and Communism,1917-29(社会民主主义和共产主义:1917-1929)
14. The Revival of Revisionism(修正主义的复兴)
15. The Transition to Socialism: Communist Economics, 1917-29(向社会主义过渡:1917-1929年的共产主义经济学)
16. Henryk Grossmann and the Breakdown of Capitalism(亨利克.格罗斯曼和资本主义的崩溃)

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